Are you a ‘Left’ or a ‘Right’?

I’m a ‘Right’.

And, luckily Mick is a ‘Left’.

But before I explain, this is a photo of the (almost) sunset last night taken on our walk back from the pub. We must get home before dark or there could be all sorts of accidents. 

It doesn’t matter where we are, what hemisphere we’re in, after more than 40 years of marriage we both know which side of the bed is ours. There are never any arguments…

.… over that at least. 

Why do I mention this personal information? Well, we swapped our beds over yesterday as we realised we were on the wrong side. And guess what? We both had a brilliant night’s sleep last night.  

Another pleasant surprise for us this morning was this coffee van set up a few steps from our camping spot. 

Plus, there was a cake stall with the most glorious homemade cakes and slices to choose from. Mick had trouble deciding which one. 

Cake that is. Not which lady!

Our location has loads of wildlife. I mentioned the whales and the riot of kookaburras already. 

Now I can’t be sure these are the ones that woke me yesterday, but they weren’t around this morning. 

We have to watch our campsite closely because of a very skilful murder of crows. We actually lost a half a loaf of bread to some very quick members of that group. We were lucky enough to spot this young koala feasting on gum leaves in a tree a few steps from the communal kitchen yesterday afternoon. 

Mick tried his luck at getting pippies along Main Beach this morning as the worm (singular) he bought yesterday for $11 was enjoyed heartily by the eager whiting which were too smart for us. It took longer to bait the hook than it did to lose the bait! 

This was all the beach was supposed to be used for based on these signs. 

Every possible hazard was listed in the fine print. But it didn’t deter the boardies. 

By the way – I made it for the sunrise this morning. I’ve not been to too many places where I can see the sunset over the ocean in one direction and the next morning a few steps away watch the sunrise (also) over the ocean. 

Almost time …



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