The Best Night’s Sleep Ever

That was Mick’s promise. 

But, sadly that wasn’t the case. I won’t bore you with the details except to say at 4am I thought I was tired enough to roll over and sleep knowing there was no clock radio to wake me at 6am. 

But at 5.25am, a family of Kookaburras (the collective noun for them is very apt – a ‘riot’) decided to perch themselves just above our tent and sing / riot. Not for long, but just as if I’d hit the snooze button on my ‘clock’, exactly 30 minutes later they started again. Meanwhile, Mick was in a beautiful deep sleep as indicated by his steady deep breathing. 

It was too much for me, so I got up and dressed and headed out for a walk. All without waking Mick. But I guess if the kookaburras didn’t I was safe. 

Only two others were up at the time, they were walking their dogs. 

I was keen to make it to the Gorge Walk and hopefully see the sunrise and some whales. 

The pathway around the North Gorge, in itself, is quite spectacular. 

There are spots where you are encouraged (?) to leave the path to perch yourself on a cliff to enjoy the whales. And they have thought of everything- a lonely life buoy. 

That surprised me. 

The sunrise was blocked by clouds, but it was still impressive. 

The round trip from our tent door was 4.5Km, however the steepness of some parts added to the degree of difficulty. 

Later in the morning we drove down to the shops and walked the North Gorge Walk where we did spot a pod of whales – about 6 of them frolicking and slowly making their way north.  We stopped at this place for a coffee and saw them again. No not having a coffee, but about 2Km out to sea.

We’re off to explore Dunwich this afternoon. 


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