Camping ⛺️ 

It’s been a long time coming. 

Mick and I have been talking about a camping trip for 18 months, and while we are retired, it’s been ridiculously hard to find the ‘right’ time. We had penciled in May, but after Mick seriously injured his back, we had to postpone. Eight weeks later and several trips to doctors and health professionals, Mick’s back was improved enough to give sleeping on the ground a go. 

He was then was called to jury duty and told to make himself available for three weeks. 

After being trained as a juror last Tuesday, he and 50 others were advised they were not needed for the day. Mick, in his most polite manner, asked if there was any chance he could get a few days off for a camping holiday. He was told he could have the rest of the 1.5 weeks off. 

We wasted no time booking a holiday to North Stradbroke Island. The world’s second largest sand island. 

We caught the car ferry from Cleveland and I had promised Mick we could enjoy lunch in a licenced air conditioned cafe while we undertook the 45 minute crossing. Slightly disappointed, he ate a $6 meat pie. Luckily I had packed some fruit.

I had a phone call the day before we left from the Straddie Camping office asking me if I knew where I had booked.  Of course I did, but I was told very few people stay there except at Christmas. That explained why I could pick any site I wanted off the plan. She suggested we head to the more popular part of the island, to the north, where whale sighting was possible and where there were lots of nice cafes and a pub.   

So we ended up at Cylinder Beach. 

It took us half an hour to set up our site where will spend the next four nights. 

A few steps from here. 

And 250m walk….

….. to here. 

The pub!


  1. Looks beautiful – I went there for a wedding last year – it was raining – it had all the possibilities. Enjoy your holiday.

  2. Hi Jane & Mike, hope you have a great time camping , also hope Mikes back is okay
    We are in motorhome at moment at Cairns , will try & catch up on way back down xx

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