Day 5 on the Murray

The sunshine was wonderful at the start of the day. A perfect day one might say, but it didn’t last long. Mick and I went for a walk after breakfast and spotted a large mob of ‘fraidy-cat’ kangaroos plus one lonesome fat wallaby.

We travelled 15Km in just over three and a half hours and found a spot for the night, exactly the same place we spent the first night. It can be hard to find suitable places to tie up the boat and it is not surprising this happened.

It is hard to describe how pleasant it is sitting inside the boat’s main living room watching the scenery while cooking smells of freshly-baked bread, courtesy of Steve, along with the cooking smells of the evening meal’s preparation, tempt us. Tonight Helen is making us moussaka.

No Pelicans today, but there were loads of Corellas.


Lots of squawking and feather-fluffing kept us interested for awhile.



There was even some traffic on the water today as well. This huge houseboat with two fishing boats sped by us. We think there is a fishing competition on this weekend so we may have to share the Murray with some others.


Two more paddle steamers also tooted past. This one was especially cute.

After lunch there was time for exploring onshore …..


….and a spot of fishing.


Our poker game concluded today as Steve and Susanne will leave us tomorrow. Guess who won? Mick

And, guess who came last? Me. Luckily what’s his is ‘ours’.

One comment

  1. I loved the story of the loaves and fish – why not try water into wine, much better results but we careful with the walking on the water – with one exception this has had seriously wet results. Sounds really great – travel safely. love Paul

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