Day 4 on the Murray

We left our overnight mooring spot just before 8.30am. Breakfast was finished and we were keen to get the boat going. It is so peaceful gliding along the river watching wildlife and the beautiful old gum trees slide past us.


Some trees just seem to be hanging on by the barest of threads or roots.


This morning we spotted a pair of Pelicans – a lovely touch for the six of us who live in Pelican Waters. We were missing home a bit, only in relation to the weather as it has been quite cold. Last night we got some rain, but this morning it was just very cloudy, however we got a few more sprinkles of rain during the afternoon.

We turned the boat around this morning and started heading back in the opposite direction towards where we picked up the boat.

We expect the return trip to take longer as we will be going against the current, but this morning we travelled 9Km in fairly record time. Mick commented that it was much easier driving against the current, and I chose to believe him as I still did not want a ‘go’. He had taken the wheel so that Steve could prepare bread rolls for us for lunch. This will go with the fish that was caught yesterday. It was Derek’s turn to make us chuckle as he commented that today’s lunch would be the loaves and the fishes.

Mick found a good spot for us to moor, and as Steve and Susanne will be leaving us on Saturday, Helen, Derek, Mick and I had our first go at this process as a team. The spot was perfect and Mick landed us in one go. We were pretty pleased with ourselves.


Once all the ropes were checked and a spot for the fire identified, there was one more chance for a victory group pose.


Mick cooked the fish on the BBQ and it was delicious.

It went fabulously with Steve’s bread rolls.


We had some traffic on the river during the afternoon, another hire houseboat and then this!


What a treat. Reminded me of “All the Rivers Run”. But alas, there was no sign of Jon English.

After our regular poker game we spent some time on shore enjoying the fire and the sunset.

Susanne cooked a fabulous chicken bake which we all enjoyed. Another very successful day on the Murray. Life is pretty good.


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  1. Hello, Worried what we will cook for you two……..we are simple people but I’ve good food and wine. Hope in newie in November you are ok!!!!!! Cannot wait. My last work day tomorrow, very emotional and struggling. Keep having a good time Bel x

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